Tenant screening is absolutely critical. Today we are going to talk about the steps you should take to make sure you’re getting a proper credit report. The credit report you use to screen your tenant will help you make sure all the information on that tenant’s application is accurate.

You may not know this, but a credit report contains many different parts:

  • Credit history
  • Credit score
  • Eviction summary

The credit report also contains public records information. You can see if there is an IRS lien against a person or any liens against property. There’s even information about child support if a person is not paying their court-ordered support amount.

As a property manager, this information is important to you as you are screening because people who owe money outside of their regular day to day business might not be able to pay your rent on time every month. If they owe quite a bit of money elsewhere, they might have a hard time keeping Screening Tenantsthings current. Potential tenants who are not paying their taxes and avoiding liens may not pay their rent either.

Professional tenant screening is critical, so if you have any questions or you need any advice, please contact us here at Action 1 Properties and we’ll do our best to give you the information you need.


Posted by: Patty on November 12, 2014