Today, we’re talking about serving notices to your tenants and what you should do to make sure it’s done correctly, like a professional Livermore property management company.

3 Day Notice

The 3 Day Notice is what you’d serve to your tenants when rent is late. It gives them three days to pay their rent or quit the property, which means move out of the home.

30 Day Notice

The 30 Day Notice is used to ask a tenant to leave a property at the end of their lease or if you have a tenant who is renting on a month to month basis. You can also use this notice to raise the rent on your tenant. However, if the rent increase is more than 10 percent, you’ll have to serve a 60 Day Notice. Or, if the tenant has been in the property for more than 365 days, you’ll also need to give them a 60 Day Notice to vacate.

90 Day Notice

If you have a tenant who is Section 8 or using a housing voucher, you need to know that some of the housing authorities that you may be working with require a 90 Day Notice for rent increases or notices to vacate.

24 Hour Notice

Finally, there is the 24 Hour Notice. If you need to visit for any reason, such as to complete a repair, change the smoke detector or conduct an inspection, you need to provide the tenant with at least a 24 hour written notice.

Best Tips for 3 and 30 Day Notices Livermore Property ManagementNotices can be served in person or taped to the front door. You can also mail the notice to the tenant. Sometimes, you need to send it by certified mail.

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Posted by: Patty on December 29, 2015