What happens if you have unauthorized tenants in your property? Sometimes, you’ll rent a property to a tenant and then find out several months later that he’s moved in some roommates or maybe other family members or parents. This is fine, as long as the unauthorized tenants get screened and approved to be on the lease.

Serve Notice to Your Tenant

One of the first things you should do when you find out there are unauthorized tenants in the property is to give the tenant a notice. You would post that notice on the front door or send it through the mail, asking them to come into compliance with the terms of the lease, otherwise they’ll be in breach of their contract.

Screen the New Tenants

Then, you’ll need to have those new tenants apply and be screened just like the original tenant at move in. You’ll need to discuss the terms of the rental agreement with the new tenants and make sure they understand their rights and expectations.

When Noncompliance Continues

IF the tenants refuse to comply, you can issue a notice for the tenants to vacate the property because they’re in breach of the contract. One of the most important reasons for not having unauthorized tenants in your property is liability. You don’t know who those tenants are. You also don’t want to give away rights to your rental home. Say a tenant moves into your property and then moves in three friends. When the original tenant goes on vacation and never comes back or moves in with someone else or dies in a car accident, those unauthorized tenants don’t have any rights to be in the property. They aren’t on the lease. So, it’s very important that everyone living in the property be screened and approved and party to the lease.

This is our tip of the day for how to deal with unauthorized tenants in your Pleasanton rental property. If you have any questions about situations like this or anything pertaining to property management in Pleasanton, CA, please contact us at Action 1 Properties.

Posted by: Patty on January 12, 2017
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