How to Apply

  1. READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR THE PROPERTY. Missing information & documentation may cause your application processing to be delayed or denied
  2. Click on Available Rentals button on the red bar above
  3. Find property you wish to apply for
  4. Click “Apply Now” button
  5. Follow instructions to complete each application page – complete ALL areas that apply
  6. Upload ALL required documents

APPLICATION FEE: $40.00 per applicant.

WHO MUST APPLY: A separate rental application must be fully completed and a separate application fee must be paid by each and every person age 18 and over that will live in the rental home, regardless of income status. If multiple people are applying together for one unit, the screening process will not begin until all parties have submitted their individual applications (spouses, roommates, adult children, etc)

PETS & ANIMALS: If you have a pet, do not apply until you have verified with Action 1 Property Management that pets are allowed. If pets are allowed and approved, an additional security deposit of $500 per pet will be charged. (There is no increased security deposit charged for Service Animals). There may also be breed/weight/size/insurance restrictions. If pets are allowed at a property, all pets must be registered through There is a fee for this service. Persons with disabilities may request a reasonable accommodation from the landlord for any assistance animal, including an emotional support animal. is FREE for assistance animals.

RENTERS INSURANCE: All residents are required to maintain, at their expense, renters insurance. Renters insurance is typically inexpensive, benefits you, and may be obtained from any insurance company. A Liability Only policy is available through Action 1 Property Management. If interested, please ask for details.

SMOKING: All properties are Non Smoking properties.

HOLDING A PROPERTY: A property will be held only after a lease is fully executed and the first month rent is paid in full.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: Security deposits must be paid in full, on the least start date, by Cashiers Check only. Security deposits cannot be paid in payments, nor paid by personal check or electronic means.

OCCUPANCY: Maximum occupancy, per HUD guidelines, is two persons per bedroom, plus one extra per household. However, property owner has the right to determine minimum or maximum number of occupants.

TENANT AGENTS: If a REALTOR® or Rental Locator Service is representing you be aware they do not represent the property you are applying for. Verify anything you have been promised with Action 1 Property Management before applying.

SCREENING PROCESS: The application does not guarantee that applicant will be offered the Property. Landlord, Manager, or Agent may receive more than one application for the Property. Applications are screened in the order received. If an application is not fully completed, the applicant will lose their position in line.

CAUSES FOR DENIAL: Applicant(s) will be automatically denied for any of the following reasons:

  • Falsification of application by any applicant
  • Incomplete application by any applicant
  • Insufficient income
  • Felony conviction in the past 7 years for a sex crime, a crime against a person or property or illegal drug use
  • Illegal drug use by the applicant or their dependent(s)
  • Documented unruly or destructive behavior by the applicant or their dependent(s)
  • Applicant/s acts in a suspicious, threatening, abusive, or hostile manner during the showing or application process
  • Experian FICO® score of less than 620
  • Negative rental history, which could include non-payment of rent, late rent payment, bounced checks, lease violations, eviction, poor housekeeping, frequent noise or disturbance complaints, report of property damage, unauthorized tenants or animals, or any continued action or inaction that resulted in an annoyance to a landlord, neighbor or neighborhood.

– Minimum of 3 times rent amount in verifiable income.
– 2 years of verifiable income history.

– Photo ID
– Proof of Income: 2 most recent pay-stubs and/or income documentation.
– Most recent Bank Statement. Full copy with all pages. Account number information can be redacted.

*If Self-employed: Submit first 2 pages of Federal Tax Return (1040) and company Profit and Loss statement (P&L).

*If Independent Contractor: Submit first 2 pages of Federal Tax Return (1040) and your most current 1099 form.

Please note: We do not pay 3rd party vendors to verify employment. (ie: We will pull information from these sites, but applicant must pay the fee.

Minimum credit score of 620 with Experian.
Credit scores of all co-applicants applying together will be averaged. If average is under 620, application may be declined.
Bankruptcy within the last three (3) years may be declined.
Unpaid collection or ‘charged-off’ accounts within the last three (3) years may be declined.
Minimum of two (2) satisfactory accounts (accounts with no late payments) for every unsatisfactory account.

Two(2) years of verifiable rental history, or four (4) or more of years of home ownership history.
Satisfactory standing from current and previous landlord(s) in regards to payment history, condition of property during tenancy and/or upon vacating, and the ability to adhere to terms of lease agreement and/or any rules or regulations with regard to the property.

GUARANTORS (Co-signers) : Guarantors may or may not be allowed at the property owners discretion. If the property owner will allow a Guarantor, the Guarantor must meet the minimum requirements separately from the applicant(s). The Guarantor will also need to submit an application, documentation, & fee. If approved, Guarantor will sign all lease documentation.

Call 925-884-3844 during normal business hours if you have any questions regarding the application process.

Action 1 Property Management is an equal opportunity housing provider and strictly adheres to Fair Housing Laws. Action 1 Property Management does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, or disability. Disabled occupants who are 18 years of age or older and considered to be ‘under care of adult occupant” will be exempt from qualifying and signing the lease/rental agreement