How to Apply

  1. Click on Available Rentals button on the red bar above
  2. Find property you wish to apply for
  3. Click “Apply Now” button
  4. Read all instructions on the 1st page of application BEFORE you complete the
  5. Follow instructions to complete application pages
  6. Upload ALL required documents

Each applicant, over the age of 18, MUST submit their own application-regardless of income status.

Multiple applicants cannot be grouped on one single application!

If multiple people are applying together for one unit, the screening process will not begin until all parties have submitted their individual applications (spouses, roommates, adult children, etc).

Applications are considered ‘completed’ when application is received will all fields filled out, all required documentation is uploaded, and applications have been received for all parties applying together (spouses, roommates, adult children, etc.).

Applications are screened on a ‘first-received’ basis.

If you are in line for application screening and an applicant is approved before you are screened, we will refund your screening fee. However, once your screening has begun, application fees are Non-Refundable.

Please contact our office at (925) 884-3844 if you have any questions about this process.