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Top 5 Questions to Ask Potential Tenants (and What Not to Ask) | Pleasanton Property Management

When you’re screening applicants, there are certain questions to ask potential tenants and other areas that you should avoid completely. Fair housing laws are in place to protect people who fall into certain classes, and if you discriminate against people by asking inappropriate questions, you can find yourself in legal trouble. Today, we’re sharing five specific things you can ask a tenant. You should ask these questions of anyone who is applying to live in your property.   (more…)

Surprise Rental Property Expenses | Property Management Pleasanton CA

As a real estate investor, owning a property can bring in a lot of income and provide excellent opportunities for great returns, but it can also come with a few big surprises. Today, we are talking about surprise rental property expenses and what you can do to ensure they don’t cause problems for your budget. (more…)

Preventative Maintenance: Best Tips for Landlords in Pleasanton, CA


Paying close attention to your property’s maintenance needs will preserve its condition and protect its value. You’ll also keep your tenants happy because everything will continue to function the way it should. Preventative maintenance can save you money as well, by ensuring that small problems do not grow into expensive and more complicated problems.


How to Return a Security Deposit – Tips for Landlords in Pleasanton, CA

There are strict requirements in place when it comes to the security deposit and how landlords and Pleasanton property management companies must return it to their tenants. First, it’s very important to have a walk through with your tenant when they’re moving in and moving out. That way, you can establish the property condition when they moved in and the property condition when they moved out. It will help you determine what to charge them when you’re returning their security deposit. (more…)

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